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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Aminochalcones Attenuate Neuronal Cell Death under Oxidative Damage via Sirtuin 1 ActivityApiraksattayakul S.; Pingaew R.; Leechaisit R.; Prachayasittikul V.; Ruankham W.; Songtawee N.; Tantimongcolwat T.; Ruchirawat S.; Prachayasittikul V.; Prachayasittikul S.; Phopin K.; Srinakharinwirot University
2021In silico and multi-spectroscopic analyses on the interaction of 5-amino-8-hydroxyquinoline and bovine serum albumin as a potential anticancer agentRuankham W.; Phopin K.; Pingaew R.; Prachayasittikul S.; Prachayasittikul V.; Tantimongcolwat T.
2022Neuroprotective Properties of Bis-Sulfonamide Derivatives Against 6-OHDA-Induced Parkinson's Model via Sirtuin 1 Activity and in silico Pharmacokinetic PropertiesApiraksattayakul S.; Pingaew R.; Prachayasittikul V.; Ruankham W.; Jongwachirachai P.; Songtawee N.; Suwanjang W.; Tantimongcolwat T.; Prachayasittikul S.; Prachayasittikul V.; Phopin K.
2019Repurposing of Nitroxoline Drug for the Prevention of NeurodegenerationVan Hau T.; Ruankham W.; Suwanjang W.; Songtawee N.; Wongchitrat P.; Pingaew R.; Prachayasittikul V.; Prachayasittikul S.; Phopin K.
2021Spilanthes acmella Murr. ameliorates chronic stress through improving mitochondrial function in chronic restraint stress ratsSuwanjang W.; Ruankham W.; Chetsawang B.; Mukda S.; Ngampramuan S.; Srisung S.; Prachayasittikul V.; Prachayasittikul S.
2020Synthesis and neuroprotective effects of novel chalcone-triazole hybridsSooknual P.; Pingaew R.; Phopin K.; Ruankham W.; Prachayasittikul S.; Ruchirawat S.; Prachayasittikul V.