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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Artonin E sensitizes TRAIL-induced apoptosis by DR5 upregulation and cFLIP downregulation in TRAIL-refractory colorectal cancer LoVo cellsSophonnithiprasert T.; Mahabusarakam W.; Watanapokasin R.
2020Antimetastatic Potential of Rhodomyrtone on Human Chondrosarcoma SW1353 CellsTayeh M.; Watanapokasin R.
2019Anti-proliferation and apoptosis induction in epidermoid carcinomaA431CellsbyterminaliabelliricaextractInnajak S.; Chulasiri M.; Watanapokasin R.
2019Cytotoxic xanthones from the roots of Mesua ferrea L.Chukaew A.; Saithong S.; Chusri S.; Limsuwan S.; Watanapokasin R.; Voravuthikunchai S.P.; Chakthong S.
2019The inhibitory effect of 13-butoxyberberine bromide on migration in breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cellsLaomethakorn P.; Jaitrong M.; Samosorn S.; Watanapokasin R.
2018Apoptosis and antimigration induction in human skin cancer cells by rhodomyrtoneTayeh M.; Nilwarangkoon S.; Tanunyutthawongse C.; Mahabusarakum W.; Watanapokasin R.
2018Mechanism of apoptosis induction associated with ERK1/2 upregulation via goniothalamin in melanoma cellsTangchirakhaphan S.; Innajak S.; Nilwarangkoon S.; Tanjapatkul N.; Mahabusrakum W.; Watanapokasin R.
2017Goniothalamin induces mitochondria-mediated apoptosis associated with endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced activation of JNK in HeLa cellsSophonnithiprasert T.; Mahabusarakam W.; Nakamura Y.; Watanapokasin R.
2017Apoptosis induction in breast cancer cells by cowaninChowchaikong N.; Nilwarangoon S.; Tanjapatkul N.; Laphookhieo S.; Watanapokasin R.
2015Apoptosis induction associated with the ER stress response through up-regulation of JNK in HeLa cells by gambogic acidKrajarng A.; Imoto M.; Tashiro E.; Fujimaki T.; Shinjo S.; Watanapokasin R.