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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021NFC-enabling smartphone-based portable amperometric immunosensor for hepatitis B virus detectionTeengam P.; Siangproh W.; Tontisirin S.; Jiraseree-amornkun A.; Chuaypen N.; Tangkijvanich P.; Henry C.S.; Ngamrojanavanich N.; Chailapakul O.
2019Successive detection of benzoic acid and total parabens in foodstuffs using mercaptosuccinic acid capped cadmium telluride quantum dotsPrapainop K.; Mekseriwattana W.; Siangproh W.; Chailapakul O.; Songsrirote K.
2020“Signal-On” electrochemical biosensor based on a competitive immunoassay format for the sensitive determination of oxytetracyclineJampasa S.; Pummoree J.; Siangproh W.; Khongchareonporn N.; Ngamrojanavanich N.; Chailapakul O.; Chaiyo S.
2019An origami paper-based electrochemical immunoassay for the C-reactive protein using a screen-printed carbon electrode modified with graphene and gold nanoparticlesBoonkaew S.; Chaiyo S.; Jampasa S.; Rengpipat S.; Siangproh W.; Chailapakul O.
2020Development of an unmodified screen-printed graphene electrode for nonenzymatic histamine detectionNakthong P.; Kondo T.; Chailapakul O.; Siangproh W.
2021Electrochemical paper-based analytical device for multiplexed, point-of-care detection of cardiovascular disease biomarkersBoonkaew S.; Jang I.; Noviana E.; Siangproh W.; Chailapakul O.; Henry C.S.
2020Optical Bioelectronic Device Based on a Screen-Printed Electroluminescent TransducerYakoh A.; Siangproh W.; Chailapakul O.; Ngamrojanavanich N.
2019Colorimetric sensor for determination of phosphate ions using anti-aggregation of 2-mercaptoethanesulfonate-modified silver nanoplates and europium ionsPinyorospathum C.; Rattanarat P.; Chaiyo S.; Siangproh W.; Chailapakul O.
2019Simultaneous determination of β-agonists by UHPLC coupled with electrochemical detection based on palladium nanoparticles modified BDD electrodeLomae A.; Nantaphol S.; Kondo T.; Chailapakul O.; Siangproh W.; Panchompoo J.
2021A Low-cost Paper-based Diamond Electrode for Trace Copper Analysis at On-site Environmental AreaThangphatthanarungruang J.; Lomae A.; Chailapakul O.; Chaiyo S.; Siangproh W.