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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Effect of post‐heat treatment cooling conditions on microstructures and fatigue properties of cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy fabricated through selective laser meltingCho H.H.W.; Takaichi A.; Kajima Y.; Htat H.L.; Kittikundecha N.; Hanawa T.; Wakabayashi N.
2021Comparison of equations for the calculation of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in thai populationRerksuppaphol L.; Rerksuppaphol S.
2021Production of food flavouring agents by enzymatic reaction and microbial fermentationPanakkal E.J.; Kitiborwornkul N.; Sriariyanun M.; Ratanapoompinyo J.; Yasurin P.; Asavasanti S.; Rodiahwati W.; Tantayotai P.
2021Twelve new taxa of Xylaria associated with termite nests and soil from northeast ThailandWangsawat N.; Ju Y.-M.; Phosri C.; Whalley A.J.S.; Suwannasai N.
2021Arthroscopic Lateral Collateral Ligament Complex Reconstruction for Posterolateral Rotatory Instability of the Elbow, the Operative TechniqueChanlalit C.; Mahasupachai N.; Sakdapanichkul C.
2021Investigating the large angle of a physical pendulum using a smartphone's sensorsChatchawaltheerat T.; Khemmani S.; Puttharugsa C.
2021Effect of leachate effluent water reuse on the phytotoxicity and micropollutants accumulation in agricultural cropsBoonnorat J.; Treesubsuntorn C.; Phattarapattamawong S.; Cherdchoosilapa N.; Seemuang-on S.; Somjit M.; Huadprom C.; Rojviroon T.; Jutakanoke R.; Prachanurak P.
2021Comparison of Normal Saline Injection with Pneumatic Injector to Subcision for the Treatment of Atrophic Acne ScarsPRAVANGSUK J.; UDOMPATAIKUL M.; CHEYASAK N.; KAMANAMOOL N.
2021The effectiveness of the health promotion program for the development of elderly health literacy and quality of life in the princess maha chakri sirindhorn medical center’s area of responsibilityVisuttranukul A.; Panyasaisophon T.; Visuttipukdee K.; Thamrongworakun P.; Chanpleng P.
2021Experimental Study of the Effect of the Helical Ribs in a Spirally Coiled Tube on the Friction Reactor and the Nusselt Number of a Nanofluid Flow in itNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.; Srichat A.