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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Comparison of Endothelial Keratoplasty Techniques in Patients With Prior Glaucoma Surgery: A Case-Matched StudyLin S.R.; Prapaipanich P.; Yu F.; Law S.K.; Caprioli J.; Aldave A.J.; Deng S.X.
2018Potential of recombinant 2-Cys peroxiredoxin protein as a vaccine for Fasciola gigantica infectionSangpairoj K.; Apisawetakan S.; Changklungmoa N.; Kueakhai P.; Chaichanasak P.; Sobhon P.; Chaithirayanon K.
2019Role of Glycosyltransferase 25 Domain 1 in Type i Collagen Glycosylation and Molecular PhenotypesTerajima M.; Taga Y.; Sricholpech M.; Kayashima Y.; Sumida N.; Maeda N.; Hattori S.; Yamauchi M.
2019Interaction between warfarin and astaxanthin: A case reportSantiyanon N.; Yeephu S.
2020Selective protein photocleavage by fluorescein derivativesJityuti B.; Kuno M.; Liwporncharoenvong T.; Buranaprapuk A.
2020The influence of stone size on spontaneous passage of common bile duct stones in patients with acute cholangitis: A retrospective cohort studySanguanlosit S.; Viriyaroj V.; Yodying H.; Rookkachart T.; Sathornviriyapong S.; Boonsinsukh T.
2020Event-free survival at 12 months is a strong surrogate endpoint for stage 1 diffuse large B cell lymphoma: a report from Nation Wide Registry Thai Lymphoma Study GroupWudhikarn K.; Bunworasate U.; Julamanee J.; Lekhakula A.; Ekwattanakit S.; Khuhapinant A.; Niparuck P.; Chuncharunee S.; Numbenjapon T.; Prayongratana K.; Kanitsap N.; Wongkhantee S.; Makruasi N.; Wong P.; Norasetthada L.; Nawarawong W.; Sirijerachai C.; Chansung K.; Suwanban T.; Praditsuktavorn P.; Intragumtornchai T.; on behalf of Thai Lymphoma Study Group
2018Assessment of preeclampsia risk by use of serum ionized magnesium-based equationKreepala C.; Kitporntheranunt M.; Sangwipasnapaporn W.; Rungsrithananon W.; Wattanavaekin K.
2019Simultaneous and direct determination of urea and creatinine in human urine using a cost-effective flow injection system equipped with in-house contactless conductivity detector and LED colorimeterChaneam S.; Kaewyai K.; Mantim T.; Chaisuksant R.; Wilairat P.; Nacapricha D.
2020Thai translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Spinal Cord Injury Falls Concern Scale (SCI-FCS)Pramodhyakul N.; Pramodhyakul W.