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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Successful treatment in a child with feeding problems and growth failure.Benjasuwantep B.
2009Bilateral sudden sensorineural hearing loss following unilateral temporal bone fracture.Hunchaisri N.
2009Behavioral effects of acute and chronic oral administration of barakol in rats.Deachapunya C.; Thongsaard W.
2021Novel multifunctional ascorbic triazole derivatives for amyloidogenic pathway inhibition, anti-inflammation, and neuroprotectionJiaranaikulwanitch J.; Pandith H.; Tadtong S.; Thammarat P.; Jiranusornkul S.; Chauthong N.; Nilkosol S.; Vajragupta O.
2021In silico and multi-spectroscopic analyses on the interaction of 5-amino-8-hydroxyquinoline and bovine serum albumin as a potential anticancer agentRuankham W.; Phopin K.; Pingaew R.; Prachayasittikul S.; Prachayasittikul V.; Tantimongcolwat T.
2021Efficacy of gel-based artificial saliva on Candida colonization and saliva properties in xerostomic post-radiotherapy head and neck cancer patients: a randomized controlled trialLam-ubol A.; Matangkasombut O.; Trachootham D.; Tarapan S.; Sattabanasuk V.; Talungchit S.; Paemuang W.; Phonyiam T.; Chokchaitam O.; Mungkung O.-O.
2021Anatomy of Cowper’s gland in humans suggesting a secretion and emission mechanism facilitated by cooperation of striated and smooth musclesMuro S.; Suriyut J.; Akita K.
2021Development of the Spirituality in Palliative Care Scale for nursing students in the context of Thai cultureSukcharoen P.; Sakunpong N.
2021Enzyme-free impedimetric biosensor-based molecularly imprinted polymer for selective determination of L-hydroxyprolineJesadabundit W.; Jampasa S.; Patarakul K.; Siangproh W.; Chailapakul O.
2022The immediate effects of Kinesio Taping on running biomechanics, muscle activity, and perceived changes in comfort, stability and running performance in healthy runners, and the implications to the management of Iliotibial band syndromeWatcharakhueankhan P.; Chapman G.J.; Sinsurin K.; Jaysrichai T.; Richards J.