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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010New bioactive triterpenoids and antimalarial activity of Diospyros rubra Lec.Prachayasittikul S.; Saraban P.; Cherdtrakulkiat R.; Ruchirawat S.; Prachayasittikul V.
2014Investigation of aromatase inhibitory activity of metal complexes of 8-hydroxyquinolineand uracil derivativesPrachayasittikul V.; Pingaew R.; Nantasenamat C.; Prachayasittikul S.; Ruchirawat S.; Prachayasittikul V.
2014Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking of novel chalcone-coumarin hybrids as anticancer and antimalarial agentsPingaew R.; Saekee A.; Mandi P.; Nantasenamat C.; Prachayasittikul S.; Ruchirawat S.; Prachayasittikul V.
2014Synthesis, anticancer activity and QSAR study of 1,4-naphthoquinone derivativesPrachayasittikul V.; Pingaew R.; Worachartcheewan A.; Nantasenamat C.; Prachayasittikul S.; Ruchirawat S.; Prachayasittikul V.
2013Synthesis and cytotoxicity of novel N-sulfonyl-1,2,3,4- tetrahydroisoquinoline thiosemicarbazone derivativesPingaew R.; Prachayasittikul S.; Ruchirawat S.; Prachayasittikul V.
2011Synthesis and structure-activity relationship of 2-thiopyrimidine-4-one analogs as antimicrobial and anticancer agentsPrachayasittikul S.; Worachartcheewan A.; Nantasenamat C.; Chinworrungsee M.; Sornsongkhram N.; Ruchirawat S.; Prachayasittikul V.
20103-(1-adamantylthio)-4-phenylpyridine as a potential therapeutic for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureusLawung R.; Treeratanapiboon L.; Prachayasittikul S.; Prachayasittikul V.
2011Anticancer and antioxidative activities of stephania venosaLeewanich P.; Worachartcheewan A.; Prachayasittikul S.; Prachayasittikul V.
2010Elucidating the Structure-Activity relationships of the vasorelaxation and antioxidation properties of thionicotinic acid derivativesPrachayasittikul S.; Wongsawatkul O.; Worachartcheewan A.; Nantasenamat C.; Ruchirawat S.; Prachayasittikul V.
2011Predicting the free radical scavenging activity of curcumin derivativesWorachartcheewan A.; Nantasenamat C.; Isarankura-Na-Ayudhya C.; Prachayasittikul S.; Prachayasittikul V.