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Title: Investigation on biological activities of anthranilic acid sulfonamide analogs
Authors: Doungsoongnuen S.
Worachartcheewan A.
Pingaew R.
Suksrichavalit T.
Prachayasittikul S.
Ruchirawat S.
Prachayasittikul V.
Keywords: 2 (4' chlorophenylsulfonamido)benzoic acid
2 (4' methoxyphenylsulfonamido)benzoic acid
2 (4' methylphenylsulfonamido)benzoic acid
2 (4' nitrophenylsulfonamido)benzoic acid
antifungal agent
antiinfective agent
benzenesulfonamide derivative
cytotoxic agent
unclassified drug
antifungal activity
antioxidant activity
Candida albicans
concentration response
controlled study
drug mechanism
drug structure
human cell
minimum inhibitory concentration
structure activity relation
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: In the previous studies, the cytotoxicities of anthranilate sulfonamides were investigated. Herein, the bioactivities of 4-substituted (X = NO2, OCH3, CH3, Cl) benzenesulfonamides of anthranilic acid (5-8) are reported. The results revealed that all sulfonamides selectively exerted antifungal activity (25-50% inhibition) against C. albicans at 4 μg/mL. Furthermore, compounds 6 and 8 show antioxidative (SOD) activity. These sulfonamides, except for 6, selectively display cytotoxic effects toward MOLT-3 cells. It is interesting to note that sulfonamides with electron withdrawing substituent (5, X = NO2) exhibited the highest cytotoxicity. This study provided preliminary structure-activity relationship of the anthranilic sulfonamides that is useful for further in-depth investigation.
ISSN: 16112156
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