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Title: Fischoederius cobboldi: A scanning electron microscopy investigation of surface morphology of adult rumen fluke
Authors: Anuracpreeda P.
Panyarachun B.
Ngamniyom A.
Tinikul Y.
Chotwiwatthanakun C.
Poljaroen J.
Sobhon P.
Keywords: article
body surface
Fischoederius cobboldi
parasite phenomena and functions
priority journal
ruminant stomach
scanning electron microscopy
sensory papillae
worm tegument
Cattle Diseases
Microscopy, Electron, Scanning
Trematode Infections
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Adults Fischoederius cobboldi are conical-shaped, concave ventrally and convex dorsally, measures about 8-10. mm in length and 4-6. mm in width across the mid section. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of entire body showed that the tegumental surface exhibits highly corrugation and transverse folds alternating with grooves and without spines. At higher magnification, the surface of each fold is further increased with a meshwork of ridges separated by irregular-sized pits. The ventral surface has more complex corrugations and invaginations than those of the dorsal surface of the body. Both anterior and posterior suckers have thick edges covered with transverse folds and appear spineless. The genital pore is located at the anterior one-third of the body. There are two types of sensory papillae on the surface: type 1 is bulbous in shape and nipple-like tips, measuring 10-15 μm in diameter at the base, and also type 2 is a similar shape and has short cilia on tips. These sensory papillae occur in large clusters, each having between 7 and 25 units depending on the region of the body. Clusters of papillae on the ventral surface and around the anterior suckers tend to be more abundant and larger in size. The dorsal side of the body exhibit similar surface features, but papillae appear less numerous and are smaller. Corrugations and invaginations of the dorsal aspect are also less extensive than those on the ventral surface of the body. © 2012.
ISSN: 144894
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