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Title: Correlation between skin color evaluation by skin color scale chart and narrowband reflectance spectrophotometer
Authors: Treesirichod A.
Chansakulporn S.
Wattanapan P.
Keywords: melanin
clinical assessment tool
correlation coefficient
human experiment
narrow band imaging
narrowband reflectance spectrophotometry
normal human
skin color
Skin Color Scale Chart
skin pigmentation
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Context: Various methods are available for the evaluation of skin color. A skin color scale chart is a convenient and inexpensive tool. However, the correlation between a skin color scale chart and objective measurement has not been evaluated. Aims: To assess the correlation between skin color evaluation done by a skin color scale chart (Felix von Luschan skin color chart) and a narrowband reflectance spectrophotometer (Mexameter MX18). Materials and Methods: The participants were evaluated for skin color by using the Felix von Luschan skin color chart (range 1-36) and a narrowband reflectance spectrophotometer (Mexameter MX18) in which the results of the measurements were expressed as Erythema (E) and Melanin (M) indices. Skin color was measured on four different anatomical skin sites from each participant on the medial aspect of the volar and the dorsal regions of both forearms. Results: A total of 208 records from 52 participants were established. The majority of participants (19.2%) were rated with the skin color scale at the number 16 (range 14-33). The mean M plus E, M, and E indices were 498.9 ± 143.9, 230.4 ± 74.4, and 268.5 ± 73.2, respectively. The correlation coefficient between the number on the skin color scale and each index: M plus E, M, and E indices were 0.90, 0.90, and 0.86, respectively, with a statistical significance of P < 0.001. Conclusions: Skin color evaluation using a skin color scale chart has shown a high correlation with skin color evaluation done by the narrowband reflectance spectrophotometer.
ISSN: 195154
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