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dc.contributor.authorHommalee C.
dc.contributor.authorWiriyasart S.
dc.contributor.authorNaphon P.
dc.description.abstractIn the present study, the results of a cold-hot water dispenser with a thermoelectric module system (TMS) are presented. The cold-hot water dispenser with thermoelectric module system consists of a cold water loop, a hot water loop, a coolant loop, and a thermoelectric module. The thermoelectric cooling and heating modules consist of four and two water blocks, nine and three thermoelectric plates, respectively. The cooling and heating capacities obtained from the cold-hot water dispenser with TMS are compared with those from a conventional cold-hot water dispenser with a compression refrigeration system (CRS). As compared with the conventional cold-hot water dispenser with CRS, the cold-hot water dispenser with TMS can be operated at the minimum cold water temperature of 10 to 13°C and the maximum hot water temperature of 65°C. The obtained results are expected provide guidelines to design cold-hot water dispensers with TMS. © 2019 The Authors. Heat Transfer—Asian Res. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
dc.subjectCold water temperatures
dc.subjectCompression refrigeration systems
dc.subjectCoolant loops
dc.subjectCooling Capacity
dc.subjectHeating capacity
dc.subjectHot water
dc.subjectThermo-electric modules
dc.subjectThermoelectric cooling
dc.titleDevelopment of cold-hot water dispenser with thermoelectric module systems
dc.identifier.bibliograpycitationHeat Transfer - Asian Research. Vol 48, No.3 (2019), p.854-863
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