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Title: In universal newborn hearing screening: Knowledge of thai healthcare personals
Authors: Sirirattawan J.
Khuancharee K.
Keywords: sedative agent
auditory rehabilitation
auditory screening
cochlear implantation
cross-sectional study
health care personnel
hearing acuity
hearing impairment
human experiment
medical staff
medical student
middle aged
newborn screening
normal human
nursing assistant
otoacoustic emission
professional knowledge
public health
structured questionnaire
young adult
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Objective: The present study aimed to evaluate the knowledge of Thai healthcare personals involved in newborn hearing screening program (NHSP) training program. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional design, 200 medical staffs who involved newborn in HRH Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Medical center (MSMC) as well as in public health area 4 (Sara Buri) attended the best practice in NHSP training program. Participants completed pre-post surveys of their NHSP training. Results: The mean epidemiology and causes of hearing loss score of post training was statistically significant higher than that pre-training by 0.48 scores (95% CI = 0.19 to 0.76). Moreover, the overall knowledge score of post training was significantly higher than that pre-training by 0.99 scores (95% CI = 0.26 to 1.72). Nevertheless, the overall percentage score of knowledge for all participants was 19.0% of the participants which was categorized as having good knowledge level. Conclusion: The overall knowledge score of post training was higher than that pre-training, Nevertheless, the most participants had overall percentage scores of knowledge as having poor knowledge level. Therefore, the finding suggests that there is also a need for continuous educational initiatives for the healthcare personals on intensively proper NHSP training workshop. © JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THAILAND| 2019.
ISSN: 1252208
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