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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Optimisation of electroporation and lipofection protocols to derive the black tiger shrimp cell line (Penaeus monodon)Thansa K.; Rungsiwiwut R.; Kitiyanant N.; Taengchaiyaphum S.
2019Coinheritance of Hb A2-Melbourne (HBD: c.130G>A) and Hb E (HBB: c.79G>A) in Laos and Simultaneous High Resolution Melt Detection of Hb A2-Melbourne and Hb A2-Lampang (HBD: c.142G>A) in a Single TubeJomoui W.; Panichchob P.; Rujirachaivej P.; Panyasai S.; Tepakhan W.
2020Extraction of lycopene from tomato with environmentally benign solvents: Box-Behnken design and optimizationKunthakudee N.; Sunsandee N.; Chutvirasakul B.; Ramakul P.
2019Natural rubber latex-modified asphalts for pavement application: effects of phosphoric acid and sulphur additionSaowapark W.; Jubsilp C.; Rimdusit S.
2020Guidelines for Promoting Thai Television Program Production in Response to the Notion of Creative EconomyYuwakosol S.
2020Validation of the Science, Mathematics, and English Task Value Scales Based on Longitudinal DataSeetee N.; Chi C.; Dhir A.; Chen S.
2019Development of collaboration skills self-assessment test in a science subject for thai eighth grade studentsManiam S.; Pruekpramool C.
2020Lateral response of cement clay interlocking brick masonry walls subjected to earthquake loadsJoyklad P.; Hussain Q.
2019The investigation on anomalous isotope effect coefficient of LaSrCuO superconductorMycharoen P.; Udomsamuthirun P.
2018Biotransformation of β-Mangostin by an Endophytic Fungus of Garcinia mangostana to Furnish Xanthenes with an Unprecedented Heterocyclic SkeletonArunrattiyakorn P.; Kuno M.; Aree T.; Laphookhieo S.; Sriyatep T.; Kanzaki H.; Garcia Chavez M.A.; Wang Y.A.; Andersen R.J.