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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Polaron transport in hybrid CH3NH3PbI3perovskite thin filmsThongnum A.; Pinsook U.
2018Stability of Hydrogen Hydrates from Second-Order Møller-Plesset Perturbation TheoryKošata J.; Merkl P.; Teeratchanan P.; Hermann A.
2021Perspectives of parents regarding sexual and reproductive health in early adolescents: A qualitative descriptive studySanghirun K.; Fongkaew W.; Viseskul N.; Lirtmunlikaporn S.
2020Spiritual dimension in palliative care from the perspective of Thai palliative caregiversSukcharoen P.; Sakunpong N.; Sripa K.
2019The ClassA framework: HRV based assessment of SNS and PNS dynamics without LF-HF controversiesAdjei T.; Von Rosenberg W.; Nakamura T.; Chanwimalueang T.; Mandic D.P.
2019Positive correlation betwen self efficacy and health promoting lifestyle behavior of students of nursing department of jenderal soedirman universityRahayu E.; Setiyani R.; Sumarwati M.; Kusumawardani L.H.
2020Strong variance in the inflammatory and cytotoxic potentials of Penicillium and Aspergillus species from cleaning workers' exposure in nursing homesLu R.; Tendal K.; Frederiksen M.W.; Uhrbrand K.; Li Y.; Madsen A.M.
2020Infections of digenetic trematode metacercariae in wrestling halfbeak, dermogenys pusilla from Bangkok metropolitan region in ThailandPatarwut L.; Chontananarth T.; Chai J.-Y.; Purivirojkul W.
2019Clinical prediction for non-specific low back pain who responded to specific-direction exercises: A development and validationKaroonsupcharoen O.; Pattaraarchachai J.; Wealusuwan N.; Viriyatharakij N.
2020Factors affecti̇ng health-promoti?ng behavi̇ors i̇n nursi̇ng students: A structural equation modeling approachYıldırım Şişman N.; Karaca A.; Cangür S.