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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Optimisation of electroporation and lipofection protocols to derive the black tiger shrimp cell line (Penaeus monodon)Thansa K.; Rungsiwiwut R.; Kitiyanant N.; Taengchaiyaphum S.
2019Coinheritance of Hb A2-Melbourne (HBD: c.130G>A) and Hb E (HBB: c.79G>A) in Laos and Simultaneous High Resolution Melt Detection of Hb A2-Melbourne and Hb A2-Lampang (HBD: c.142G>A) in a Single TubeJomoui W.; Panichchob P.; Rujirachaivej P.; Panyasai S.; Tepakhan W.
2018Biotransformation of β-Mangostin by an Endophytic Fungus of Garcinia mangostana to Furnish Xanthenes with an Unprecedented Heterocyclic SkeletonArunrattiyakorn P.; Kuno M.; Aree T.; Laphookhieo S.; Sriyatep T.; Kanzaki H.; Garcia Chavez M.A.; Wang Y.A.; Andersen R.J.
2020Fourteen novel lipomycetaceous yeast species isolated from soil in Japan and transfer of Dipodascopsis anomala to the genus Babjevia based on ascospore production phenotypeYamazaki A.; Lorliam W.; Kawasaki H.; Uchino M.; Suzuki K.-I.
2019Age-related changes in reach-to-grasp movements with partial visual occlusionRunnarong N.; Tretriluxana J.; Waiyasil W.; Sittisupapong P.; Tretriluxana S.
2018Perioperative and anesthesia adverse events in thailand [Paad Thai] incident reporting study: Unplanned ICU admission analysisPravitharangul T.; Karnjanarachata C.; Kongwibulwut M.; Pongraweewan O.; Chernsirikasem N.; Sriramats D.; Pongruekdee S.; Boonsri S.
2019Characterization of flagellotropic, chi-like salmonella phages isolated from thai poultry farmsPhothaworn P.; Dunne M.; Supokaivanich R.; Ong C.; Lim J.; Taharnklaew R.; Vesaratchavest M.; Khumthong R.; Pringsulaka O.; Ajawatanawong P.; Klumpp J.; Brown N.; Imam M.; Clokie M.R.J.; Galyov E.E.; Korbsrisate S.
2019Screening of acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity in essential oil from MyrtaceaePetrachaianan T.; Chaiyasirisuwan S.; Athikomkulchai S.; Sareedenchai V.
2019Acute myocardial infarction in a 19-year-old splenectomized manRoongsangmanoon W.; Wongsoasup A.; Rattanajaruskul N.; Angkananard T.
2020A new ent-abietane lactone from Glycosmis pentaphyllaChokchaisiri S.; Apiratikul N.; Rukachaisirikul T.