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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Extraction of lycopene from tomato with environmentally benign solvents: Box-Behnken design and optimizationKunthakudee N.; Sunsandee N.; Chutvirasakul B.; Ramakul P.
2020Guidelines for Promoting Thai Television Program Production in Response to the Notion of Creative EconomyYuwakosol S.
2020Validation of the Science, Mathematics, and English Task Value Scales Based on Longitudinal DataSeetee N.; Chi C.; Dhir A.; Chen S.
2020Lateral response of cement clay interlocking brick masonry walls subjected to earthquake loadsJoyklad P.; Hussain Q.
2020Fourteen novel lipomycetaceous yeast species isolated from soil in Japan and transfer of Dipodascopsis anomala to the genus Babjevia based on ascospore production phenotypeYamazaki A.; Lorliam W.; Kawasaki H.; Uchino M.; Suzuki K.-I.
2020Study on FTIR spectroscopy, total phenolic content, antioxidant activity and anti-amylase activity of extracts and different tea forms of Garcinia schomburgkiana leavesThummajitsakul S.; Samaikam S.; Tacha S.; Silprasit K.
2020The Potential Study of Coffee, Acacia Wood and Corn Cob Residues to produce Biomass Pellets FuelKasantiukl B.
2020Understanding social media effects across different parties' interactionsRungsrisawat S.; Chankoson T.
2020A new ent-abietane lactone from Glycosmis pentaphyllaChokchaisiri S.; Apiratikul N.; Rukachaisirikul T.
2020Delirium in internal medicine patients evaluated using the Thai confusion assessment method for ICUMethawasin K.; Kongsakorn P.; Kongsakorn N.; Chonmaitree P.; Roongsangmanoon W.; Sangpanich A.; Lee B.; Ruchakorn N.; Charonpongsuntorn C.; Petborom P.