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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The use of the infant breastfeeding assessment tool among high risk mothers for the prediction of exclusive breastfeeding for six weeks postpartumPuapornpong P.; Hamontri S.; Srisuwan S.; Ketsuwan S.; Wongin S.
1999The use of the stabilization period in ECT research in schizophrenia : I. A pilot studyChanpattana W.
1999The use of the stabilization period in electroconvulsive therapy research in schizophrenia : II. ImplementationChanpattana W.; Kirdcharoen N.; Techakasem P.; Chakrabhand M.L.S.; Tuntirungsee Y.; Prasertsuk Y.
2018The validity and reliability of the breastfeed observation aid in the exclusive breastfeeding predictions at six weeks postpartumPuapornpong P.; Raungrongmorakot K.; Suksamarnwong M.; Ketsuwan S.; Wongin S.
2016The X-ray spectral evolution of the ultraluminous X-ray source Holmberg IX X-1Luangtip W.; Roberts T.P.; Done C.
2011The γ-spectrum of a graphDa Fonseca C.M.; Saenpholphat V.; Zhang P.
2015The γ-spectrum of cycle with one chordKhemmani V.; Saduakdee S.
2014Theoretical analysis of a biogas-fed PEMFC system with different hydrogen purifications: Conventional and membrane-based water gas shift processesAuthayanun S.; Aunsup P.; Patcharavorachot Y.; Arpornwichanop A.
2014Theoretical constraints on additional Higgs bosons in light of the 126 GeV HiggsGrinstein B.; Murphy C.W.; Pirtskhalava D.; Uttayarat P.
2019Theoretical study of the electronic structure and properties of alternating donor-acceptor couples of carbazole-based compounds for advanced organic light-emitting diodes (Oled)Makjan S.; Promkatkaew M.; Hannongbua S.; Boonsri P.
2014Therapeutic epitopes of Leptospira LipL32 protein and their characteristicsManeewatch S.; Adisakwattana P.; Chaisri U.; Saengjaruk P.; Srimanote P.; Thanongsaksrikul J.; Sakolvaree Y.; Poungpan P.; Chaicumpa W.
2001Therapeutic implications of human endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene polymorphismWattanapitayakul S.K.; Mihm M.J.; Young A.P.; Bauer J.A.
2014Thermal and mechanical properties enhancement obtained in highly filled alumina-polybenzoxazine compositesKajohnchaiyagual J.; Jubsilp C.; Dueramae I.; Rimdusit S.
2015Thermal and mechanical properties of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber modified polybenzoxazine as frictional materialsJantaramaha J.; Jubsilp C.; Rimdusit S.
2016Thermal and mechanical properties of bioplastic poly(lactic acid) compounded with silicone rubber and talcKhuenkeao T.; Petchwattana N.; Covavisaruch S.
2013Thermal and mechanical properties of highly-filled polybenzoxazine-alumina compositesKajornchaiyakul J.; Jubsilp C.; Rimdusit S.
2021Thermal cooling characteristics of Li-ion battery pack with thermoelectric ferrofluid cooling moduleSirikasemsuk S.; Wiriyasart S.; Naphon P.; Naphon N.
2019Thermal cooling enhancement of dual processors computer with thermoelectric air cooler moduleWiriyasart S.; Hommalee C.; Naphon P.
2015Thermal cooling enhancement techniques for electronic componentsNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.; Wongwises S.
2020Thermal cooling system with Ag/Fe3O4nanofluids mixture as coolant for electronic devices coolingSiricharoenpanich A.; Wiriyasart S.; Srichat A.; Naphon P.