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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The study in economic feasibility for OTOP's distributed location of Chonburi Province in ThailandChoomrit N.; Chantana P.; Janverod W.
2018The study of community forest management in Eastern Economic Corridor: Case in Nakhon NayokKroeksakul P.; Srichiwong P.; Ngamniyom A.; Silprasit K.; Suthisaksophon P.; Jantaraworachat N.
2019The study of Cytochrome B (CYTB): species-specific detection and phylogenetic relationship of Echinostoma revolutum, (Froelich, 1802)Anucherngchai S.; Chontananarth T.; Tejangkura T.; Chai J.-Y.
2006The study of dielectric diffuseness in the Ba(Mg1/3Nb 2/3)O3-BaTiO3 ceramic systemMunpakdee A.; Pengpat K.; Tontrakoon J.; Tunkasiri T.
2018The study of economic effects when different distributed generators (DG) connected to a distribution systemChiradeja P.; Yoomak S.; Ngaopitakkul A.
2021The study of efficacy of excimer light 308 nanometers for chronic hand dermatitisTangtanawat K.; Udompataikul M.; Kamanamool N.; Ophaswongse S.
2015The study of electromagnetic response to the soil structure for a three layered model with a right skewed curve in overburdenHaarsa P.
2017The study of properties and nutrient determination of hydrogel made of soybean meal (okara) using microwave-assisted heatingSongsrirote K.; Naiviriya T.; Rungwipoosana T.; Gutrasaeng C.
2012-09-04The study of the efectiveness of Audioarticulation model in improving Thai Learners' pronunciation of fricative soundsPhnita Kulsirisawad; Anchalee Jansem; Ampawan Imamesup
2019The study of the number of free electron bandfilling effect at different flying-height in TEAMRAksornniem S.
2012The study of work behaviours and risks for occupational overuse syndrome.Laoopugsin N.; Laoopugsin S.
2012The study on effects and safety of Spongilla lacustris in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution on rat skinUdompataikul M.; Wongniraspai M.; Showpittapornchai U.; Jariyapongsakul A.
2013The study on hybridized two-band superconductorChanpoom T.; Seechumsang J.; Chantrapakajee S.; Udomsamuthirun P.
2019The study on penetration depth of anisotropic two-band superconductors by Ginzburg–Landau approachTongkhonburi P.; Udomsamuthirun P.
2014The study on surface critical magnetic field of a layered magnetic superconductorsMeakniti S.; Changjan A.; Udomsamuthirun P.
2018The study on temperature dependent superfluid density of anisotropic superconductorsChanilkul G.; Udomsamuthirun P.
2014The study on zero-temperature gap of superconductor having the coexistence of SDW and CDWThongcham K.; Udomsamuthirun P.
2019The Synthesis of Carboxymethyl Cellulose-Based Hydrogel from Sugarcane Bagasse Using Microwave-Assisted Irradiation for Selective Adsorption of Copper(II) IonsBaiya C.; Nannuan L.; Tassanapukdee Y.; Chailapakul O.; Songsrirote K.
2014The synthesis of YBa3Cu4Ox superconductor and comparison with YBa2Cu3OxChainok P.; Sujinnapram S.; Nilkamjon T.; Ratreng S.; Somsri K.; Phomphuang N.; Mychareon P.; Udomsamuthirun P.
2011The technique and outcome of peritoneal dialysis catheter revision.Songtish D.; Akranurakkul P.; Changsirikulchai S.