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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Lymphocyte subpopulations in malaria infected individuals living in an endemic areaSrisurapanon S.; Wiwattanakul S.; Apibal S.; Suwannuruk R.; Sujimanaskul S.; Petchsuwan B.; Pattanapanyasat K.
2020Macrobrachium rosenbergii nodavirus virus-like particles attach to fucosylated glycans in the gills of the giant freshwater prawnSomrit M.; Yu S.-Y.; Le Pendu J.; Breiman A.; Guérardel Y.; Weerachatyanukul W.; Watthammawut A.
2001Magnesium deficiency-induced anorexia in hyperphagic obese Zucker ratsRattanatayarom W.; Dorfmeister C.; Classen U.G.; Schimatschek H.F.; Stein U.; Classen H.-G.
2014Magnetic attenuation in superconducting cylinders by beer-lambert modified modelChangjan A.; Punchoo S.; Udomsamuthirun P.
2017Magnetic field effect on the enhancement of nanofluids heat transfer of a confined jet impingement in mini-channel heat sinkNakharintr L.; Naphon P.
2017Magnetic field effect on the nanofluids convective heat transfer and pressure drop in the spirally coiled tubesNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.; Arisariyawong T.; Nualboonrueng T.
2019Magnetic Integration Techniques of Inductors Used in a Buck Converter with EMI FilterTarateeraseth V.
1999Maintenance ECT in mentally retarded, treatment-resistant schizophrenic patientsChanpattana W.
2000Maintenance ECT in Treatment-Resistant SchizophreniaChanpattana W.
2014Malaria detection using non-blood samplesNantavisai K.
2009Management of the urban spatial setting to determine the effect of urban heat island on the Bangkok Metropolis, ThailandChavanavesskul S.
2019Management's intention to create shared value for the Tapioca Starch Industry in Northeastern ThailandCharoenrungrueang C.; Sungsanit M.
2014Managing mobile device security in critical infrastructure sectorsVorakulpipat C.; Polprasert C.; Siwamogsatham S.
2021Mannosylated glycoconjugates on the surface of activated sperm in the giant freshwater prawn are crucial for sperm binding with the egg vitelline envelopSomrit M.; Weerachatyanukul W.; Asuvapongpatana S.; Timklay W.; Watthammawut A.
2020Manual Wheelchair Propulsion and Joint Power Transmission Efficiency for Diagnosis of Upper-Limb OveruseSakunwitunthai S.; Aramrussameekul W.; Boonpratatong A.
2017Manuscripts in central Thailand: Samut Khoi from Phetchaburi ProvinceSkilling P.; Pakdeekham S.
2012Massive spin-2 states as the origin of the top quark forward-backward asymmetryGrinstein B.; Murphy C.W.; Pirtskhalava D.; Uttayarat P.
2015Mastalgia: Characteristics and associated factors in Thai WomenSongtish D.; Akranurakkul P.
2020Material flow analysis of crt monitor, electric fan and refrigerator through the primitive e-waste dismantling in buriram province, thailandSrisa-ard S.; Siriruttanaprasert P.; Piboon T.; Prueksasit T.; Sahanavin N.
2008Maternal chickenpox in peripartum period: A case report and reviewPattanasuttinont S.