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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2564Library website analyticsชาญวิทย์ จันทร์อํานวยพร; บุญยฤทธิ์ โคตรวงศ์; กฤษณะพงศ์ ศรีภัททิยานนท์; ธนภาส หลําเพิกสืบ
2019License Plate Detection and Integral Intensity Projection for Automatic Finding the Vacant of Car Parking SpaceChoorat P.; Sirikornkarn C.; Pramoun T.
2017Life cycle assessment focusing on the waste management of conventional and bio-based garbage bagsSaibuatrong W.; Cheroennet N.; Suwanmanee U.
2019Life cycle assessment of separation methods of cerium oxide from monazite oreRatthanapra D.; Suwanmanee U.
2013Life cycle assessment of single use thermoform boxes made from polystyrene (PS), polylactic acid, (PLA), and PLA/starch: Cradle to consumer gateSuwanmanee U.; Varabuntoonvit V.; Chaiwutthinan P.; Tajan M.; Mungcharoen T.; Leejarkpai T.
2004Life expectancy of Thai physicians during 1998-2002.Rattanamongkolgul S.; Sithisarankul P.; Wattanasirichaigoon S.
2018Life narrative to substance use: voices from LGBTQ peopleSakunpong N.
2011Lifestyle changes for prehypertension with other cardiovascular risk factors: Findings from ThailandPongwecharak J.; Treeranurat T.
2009Light Touch Cue Through a Cane Improves Pelvic Stability During Walking in StrokeBoonsinsukh R.; Panichareon L.; Phansuwan-Pujito P.
2019Linking psychological empowerment, knowledge sharing, and employees' innovative behavior in Indonesian SMEsHelmy I.; Adawiyah W.R.; Banani A.
2020Linking social relatedness with motivational goals and bachelor degree aspirations of vocational studentsNownaisin P.; Koul R.; Chomsuwan K.; Poondej C.; Lerdpornkulrat T.
2020Lipid production from sugarcane top hydrolysate and crude glycerol with rhodosporidiobolus fluvialis using a two-stage batch-cultivation strategy with separate optimization of each stageBoonyarit J.; Polburee P.; Khaenda B.; Zhao Z.K.; Limtong S.
2019Liquid impingement cooling of cold plate heat sink with different fin configurations: High heat flux applicationsWiriyasart S.; Naphon P.
2019Listeria monocytogenes bacteremia in an immunocompetent hostChinbunchorn T.; Lee B.; Upapan P.
2018Load cells application for developing weight-bearing detection via wireless connectionJaysrichai T.
2013Local community participation in the conserve candle festival, a case study of ubon ratchathani province, ThailandNaipinit A.; Maneenetr T.; Sakolnakorn T.P.N.; Churngchow C.; Kroeksakul P.
2015Local foreground extraction technique for rat walking behavior classificationChanchanachitkul W.; Nanthiyanuragsa P.; Sangpayap R.; Thongsaard W.; Charoenpong T.
2020Local spatial information with bag-of-visual-words model via graph-based representation for texture classificationThewsuwan S.; Horio K.
2006Localization and the effective mass of a vortexKhemmani S.; Sa-Yakanit V.
2006Localization of plaunotol in the leaf of croton stellatopilosus OhbaSitthlthawom W.; Potduang B.; De-Eknamkul W.