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1990Karyotypes of three cyprinid fishes, Osteochilus hasselti, O. vittatus, and Labiobarbus lineatus, from ThailandMagtoon W.; Arai R.
1990CT and US findings of a rare case of amoebic liver abscess rupturing into the pericardial cavityVanachayangkul V.; Wattanasirichaigoon S.; Letochavarit M.; Charudun S.; Viranuvatti V.
1991Cooper pairing in oxide superconductorsBoonpikum I.; Yoksan S.
1991Isotope effect in high-Tc superconductorsYoksan S.
1991Developing teacher self-awareness: Feedback and the use of videoLaycock J.; Bunnag P.
1991Improved resolution and sensitivity of human DNA fingerprinting by specific-primed labelling of M13 DNATassanakajon A.; Wongteerasapaya C.; Pumichoti P.; Boonsaeng V.; Panyim S.
1991Calcitonin-like Immunoreactivity in the Brockmann Bodies of the Medaka (Teleostei)Sasayama Y.; Koizumi T.; Oguro C.; Kambegawa A.; Yoshizawa H.; Magtoon W.
1992Electrophoretic analysis of a natural population of the Thai Paragonimus heterotremus and its genetic relationship to the three Japanese species P. miyazakii, P. ohirai and P. westermaniAgatsuma T.; Ketudat P.; Thaithong S.; Shibahara T.; Sugiyama H.; Habe S.; Terasaki K.; Kawashima K.
1992Karyotype evolution and geographical distribution of the Thai‐medaka, Oryzias minutillus, in ThailandMagtoon W.; Nadee N.; Higsdhitani T.; Takata K.; Uwa H.
1992The impact of family size on wealth accumulation in rural Thailand*Havanon N.; Knodel J.; Sittitrai W.
1992The influence of inorganic nutrient fertilization on the growth, nutrient composition and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization of pretransplant rice (Oryza sativa L.) plantsDhillion S.S.; Ampornpan L.-a.
1992Effect of gap anisotropy and plasmons on the critical temperature of high-Tc superconductorsRujijanakul G.; Saengthien P.; Yoksan S.
1992A specific DNA probe which identifies Babesia bovis in whole bloodPetchpoo W.; Tan-ariya P.; Boonsaeng V.; Brockelman C.R.; Wilairat P.; Panyim S.
1993Purification and Properties of β-1,4-Xylanases 2 and 3 from Aeromonas Caviae W-61Dung N.V.; Kamio Y.; Abe N.; Kaneko J.; Izaki K.; Vetayasuporn S.
1993Electron microscopy: application and progress in diagnostic methods on skin disease.Palungwachira P.; Palungwachira P.
1993Flooding features in Bangkok and vicinity: Geographical approachEngkagul S.
1993Genetic differentiation of Oryzias minutillus in ThailandTakata K.; Hoshino M.; Magtoon W.; Nadee N.; Uwa H.
1994Why do varices develop preferrentially in the esophagus in portal hypertensive patients?: a hypothesis based on cardiopulmonary physiology.Wattanasirichaigoon S.; Tang I.M.; Harris A.G.
1994Transition temperature of proximity-effect antiferromagnetic superconductors sandwichesUdomsamuthirun P.; Saengthien P.; Yoksan S.
1994Leukocytic count in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis.Wattanasirichaigoon S.