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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A challenge in diagnosis and management of ulcerative colitis in elderly patient with atypical presentation: A reported caseKongon P.; Tangsirapat V.; Ohmpornuwat V.; Sumtong K.; Chakrapan Na Ayudhya V.; Chakrapan Na Ayudhya K.; Sookpotarom P.; Vejchapipat P.
2019A giant jejunal gastrointestinal stromal tumor misconceived as pancreatic cystic neoplasm: A case reportWongta K.; Tangsirapat V.; Chakrapan Na Ayudhya V.; Charutragulchai P.; Sripreechapattana S.; Chakrapan Na Ayudhya K.; Poolsavatkitikool R.; Sookpotarom P.; Vejchapipat P.
2019Axillary and elbow lymph node metastasis arising after complete excision of microcystic adnexal carcinoma of a hand: A rare presentationChakrapan Na Ayudhya K.; Chakrapan Na Ayudhya V.; Tipsuwannakul P.; Thongvitokomarn S.; Tangsirapat V.; Kongon P.; Thananon J.; Sookpotarom S.; Sookpotarom P.; Vejchapipat P.
2013Is half strength of 0.05 % betamethasone valerate cream still effective in the treatment of phimosis in young children?Sookpotarom P.; Asawutmangkul C.; Srinithiwat B.; Leethochawalit S.; Vejchapipat P.
2010Isolated tuberculosis of tunica vaginalis in a childSookpotarom P.; Nimanussornkul K.; Luecha O.; Poolsavatkitikool R.; Vejchapipat P.
2009Primary transanal Swenson pull-through operation for Hirschsprung's diseaseSookpotarom P.; Vejchapipat P.
2016Prognostic values of serum bilirubin at 7th day post-Kasai for survival with native livers in patients with biliary atresiaChusilp S.; Sookpotarom P.; Tepmalai K.; Rajatapiti P.; Chongsrisawat V.; Poovorawan Y.; Vejchapipat P.
2014Stone ingestion causing obstructed inguinal hernia with perforationSookpotarom P.; Ariyawatku K.; Paramagu P.; Sakulisariyaporn C.; Stimanont T.; Vejchapipat P.
2019Tension pneumoperitoneum caused by rupture of intraabdominal soft tissue emphysema in a child supported with high-frequency oscillatory ventilation: A case reportSuwankeeree P.; Jungkraisri S.; Sookpotarom P.; Vejchapipat P.
2010Topical steroid is effective for the treatment of phimosis in young childrenSookpotarom P.; Porncharoenpong S.; Vejchapipat P.
2019Tuberculous peritonitis in a cerebral palsy patient: A challenge in diagnosis and managementTangsirapat V.; Chakrapan Na Ayudhya V.; Kongon P.; Chakrapan Na Ayudhya K.; Sookpotarom P.; Vejchapipat P.