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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Differences in taste perception and spicy preference: A thai-japanese cross-cultural studyTrachootham D.; Satoh-Kuriwada S.; Lam-ubol A.; Promkam C.; Chotechuang N.; Sasano T.; Shoji N.
2020Efficacy of gel-based artificial saliva on Candida colonization and saliva properties in xerostomic post-radiotherapy head and neck cancer patients: a randomized controlled trialLam-ubol A.; Matangkasombut O.; Trachootham D.; Tarapan S.; Sattabanasuk V.; Talungchit S.; Paemuang W.; Phonyiam T.; Chokchaitam O.; Mungkung O.-O.
2016Influence of oral moisturizing jelly as a saliva substitute for the relief of xerostomia in elderly patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitusDalodom S.; Lam-ubol A.; Jeanmaneechotechai S.; Takamfoo L.; Intachai W.; Duangchada K.; Hongsachum B.; Kanjanatiwat P.; Vacharotayangul P.; Trachootham D.
2015Nutri-jelly may improve quality of life and decrease tube feeding demand in head and neck cancer patientsTrachootham D.; Songkaew W.; Hongsachum B.; Wattana C.; Changkluengdee N.; Karapoch J.; Thirdsuttironnapumi S.; Meennuch E.; Klaitong C.; Sinthusek T.; Lam-ubol A.
2019Oral Candida colonization in xerostomic postradiotherapy head and neck cancer patientsTarapan S.; Matangkasombut O.; Trachootham D.; Sattabanasuk V.; Talungchit S.; Paemuang W.; Phonyiam T.; Chokchaitam O.; Mungkung O.-O.; Lam-ubol A.
2018Sensory acceptable equivalent doses of β-phenylethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC) induce cell cycle arrest and retard the growth of p53 mutated oral cancer in vitro and in vivoLam-Ubol A.; Fitzgerald A.L.; Ritdej A.; Phonyiam T.; Zhang H.; Myers J.N.; Huang P.; Trachootham D.