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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A herbal medicine used in the treatment of addiction mimics the action of amphetamine on in vitro rat striatal dopamine releaseThongsaard W.; Marsden C.A.
2013A rat walking behavior classification by body length measurementChanchanachitkul W.; Nanthiyanuragsa P.; Rodamporn S.; Thongsaard W.; Charoenpong T.
2012An experimental setup for measuring distance and duration of rat behaviorCharoenpong T.; Promworn Y.; Thangwiwatchinda P.; Senavongse W.; Thongsaard W.
2004Attenuation of paraquat-induced motor behavior and neurochemical disturbances by L-valine in vivoChanyachukul T.; Yoovathaworn K.; Thongsaard W.; Chongthammakun S.; Navasumrit P.; Satayavivad J.
2005Barakol extracted from cassia siamea stimulates chloride secretion in rat colonDeachapunya C.; Poonyachoti S.; Thongsaard W.; Krishnamra N.
2005Barakol suppresses norepinephrine-induced inhibition of spontaneous longitudinal smooth muscle contractions in isolated rat small intestineDeachapunya C.; Thongsaard W.; Poonyachoti S.
1997Barakol, a natural anxiolytic inhibits striatal dopamine release but not uptake in vitroThongsaard W.; Pongsakorn S.; Sudsuang R.; Bennett G.W.; Kendall D.A.; Marsden C.A.
1996Barakol: A potential anxiolytic extracted from Cassia siameaThongsaard W.; Deachapunya C.; Pongsakorn S.; Boyd E.A.; Bennett G.W.; Marsden C.A.
2009Behavioral effects of acute and chronic oral administration of barakol in rats.Deachapunya C.; Thongsaard W.
2015Chronic effect of thunbergia laurifolia extract and cocaine in rats using behavior model of addictionThongsaard W.; Sangpayap R.; Marsden C.
2001Determination of barakol extracted from Cassia siamea by HPLC with electrochemical detectionThongsaard W.; Chainakul S.; Bennett G.W.; Marsden C.A.
2017Effect of Thunbergia laurifolia Extract on Cerebral Blood Flow in RatsThongsaard W.; Jariyapongskul A.; Areebambud C.
2013Effect of Thunbergia laurifolia extract on extracellular dopamine level in rat nucleus accumbensThongsaard W.; Marsden C.
2005Effect of Thunbergia laurifolia, a Thai natural product used to treat drug addiction, on cerebral activity detected by functional magnetic resonance imaging in the ratThongsaard W.; Marsden C.A.; Morris P.; Prior M.; Shah Y.B.
2015Local foreground extraction technique for rat walking behavior classificationChanchanachitkul W.; Nanthiyanuragsa P.; Sangpayap R.; Thongsaard W.; Charoenpong T.
2021Thunbergia laurifolia linn. Extract protects ethanol addiction and increases dopamine synthesisSangpayap R.; Pramong R.; Phansuwan-Pujito P.; Thongsaard W.