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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A Method of Thai Main Dish and Soup Classification by Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix AlgorithmNeampradit P.; Charoenpong T.; Sueaseenak D.; Sukjamsri C.
2017A performance of modern gesture control device with application in pattern classificationSueaseenak D.; Khawdee C.; Pakornsirikul N.; Sukjamsri C.
2017Cementless prosthesis for reconstructing shoulder with glenoid retroversionPotiwiput S.; Praphant T.; Mai-Orn A.; Benyajati C.-N.; Sukjamsri C.
2019Comparison of molar distalization devices in a treatment of malocclusion class II: Finite element analysisAnasart K.; Pattarahirun A.; Suzuki E.Y.; Suzuki B.; Sukjamsri C.
2021Development of a Ligamentous Finite Element Model of the Human Cervical SpineTongprapai W.; Rattanapan N.; Torudom Y.; Sukjamsri C.
2016Development of facial expression recognition by significant sub-regionPotikanya S.; Lertpithaksoonthorn T.; Meechai A.; Mungauamklang R.; Keaokao P.; Sukjamsri C.; Chianrabutra C.; Charoenpong T.
2017Effects of miniscrew location on performance of distalization appliance (iPANDA)Sukjamsri C.; Suzuki B.; Arun S.; Suzuki E.Y.
2018Femoral fracture type can be predicted from femoral structure: A finite element study validated by digital volume correlation experimentsRidzwan M.I.Z.; Sukjamsri C.; Pal B.; van Arkel R.J.; Bell A.; Khanna M.; Baskaradas A.; Abel R.; Boughton O.; Cobb J.; Hansen U.N.
2018Human Height Measurement by Square TemplateSuwatkittiwong N.; Charoenpong T.; Sukjamsri C.; Ouypornkochagom T.
2019Lumbar spinal loading during stoop, squat, and kneeling lifting: A musculoskeletal modeling analysisAusavanonkulporn A.; Areekul K.; Senavongse W.; Sukjamsri C.
2017Teeth segmentation from dental x-ray image by template matchingPoonsri A.; Aimjirakul N.; Charoenpong T.; Sukjamsri C.