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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Comparison of Breastfeeding Outcomes between Using the Laid-Back and Side-Lying Breastfeeding Positions in Mothers Delivering by Cesarean Section: A Randomized Controlled TrialPuapornpong P.; Raungrongmorakot K.; Laosooksathit W.; Hanprasertpong T.; Ketsuwan S.
2019Comparison of LATCH scores between mothers’ breastfeeding teaching done by registered and practical nurses during the immediate postpartum period; a randomized controlled trialKetsuwan S.; Baiya N.; Hanprasertpong T.; Suksamarnwong M.; Srisuwan S.; Puapornpong P.
2015Comparisons of latching on between newborns fed with feeding tubes and cup feedingsPuapornpong P.; Raungrongmorakot K.; Hemachandra A.; Ketsuwan S.; Wongin S.
2014Comparisons of the latching on between newborns with tongue-tie and normal newbornsPuapornpong P.; Raungrongmorakot K.; Mahasitthiwat V.; Ketsuwan S.
2018Effect of Herbal Compresses for Maternal Breast Engorgement at Postpartum: A Randomized Controlled TrialKetsuwan S.; Baiya N.; Paritakul P.; Laosooksathit W.; Puapornpong P.
2017Effects of a breastfeeding training course on the 5th year medical student; knowledge, attitudes and skills for breastfeeding supportBaiya N.; Ketsuwan S.; Puapornpong P.
2021Incidence of Early Postpartum Mastitis with the Predisposing Factors, the Recovery Period After Care Management and the Exclusive Breastfeeding OutcomesPuapornpong P.; Hemachandra A.; Suksamarnwong M.; Laosooksathit W.; Hanprasertpong T.; Lawin N.
2013Nipple length and its relation to success in breastfeedingPuapornpong P.; Raungrongmorakot K.; Paritakul P.; Ketsuwan S.; Wongin S.
2017Nipple Pain Incidence, the Predisposing Factors, the Recovery Period after Care Management, and the Exclusive Breastfeeding OutcomePuapornpong P.; Paritakul P.; Suksamarnwong M.; Srisuwan S.; Ketsuwan S.
2018Outcomes of Video-Assisted Teaching for Latching in Postpartum Women: A Randomized Controlled TrialSroiwatana S.; Puapornpong P.
2018Survey on knowledge, attitude, acceptance and related factors among pregnant women in Thailand regarding antenatal thalassaemia screeningHanprasertpong T.; Raungrongmorakot K.; Geater A.; Puapornpong P.; Laosooksathit W.; Hemachandra A.; Suksamarnwong M.
2014Teenage pregnancy and exclusive breastfeeding ratesPuapornpong P.; Raungrongmorakot K.; Manolerdtewan W.; Ketsuwan S.; Wongin S.
2017The association of breastfeeding practices with neonatal jaundiceKetsuwan S.; Baiya N.; Maelhacharoenporn K.; Puapornpong P.
2016The effect of ginger on breast milk volume in the early postpartum period: A randomized, double-blind controlled trialParitakul P.; Ruangrongmorakot K.; Laosooksathit W.; Suksamarnwong M.; Puapornpong P.
2017The lactating mothers’ drug use and associated factors during the first month postpartumSuksamarnwong M.; Hemachatra A.; Laosooksatit W.; Baiya N.; Puapornpong P.
2015The number of infant feeding positions and the 6-month exclusive breastfeeding ratesPuapornpong P.; Raungrongmorakot K.; Manolerdtewan W.; Ketsuwan S.; Wongin S.
2010The prevalence of snoring in Thai pregnant womenPuapornpong P.; Neruntarat C.; Manolerdthewan W.
2020The use of the infant breastfeeding assessment tool among high risk mothers for the prediction of exclusive breastfeeding for six weeks postpartumPuapornpong P.; Hamontri S.; Srisuwan S.; Ketsuwan S.; Wongin S.
2018The validity and reliability of the breastfeed observation aid in the exclusive breastfeeding predictions at six weeks postpartumPuapornpong P.; Raungrongmorakot K.; Suksamarnwong M.; Ketsuwan S.; Wongin S.