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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Characterization of red sternum syndrome in mud crab farms from ThailandAreekijseree M.; Chuen-Im T.; Panyarachun B.
2019Contributions to the knowledge of Pseudolevinseniella (Trematoda: Digenea) and temnocephalans from alien crayfish in natural freshwaters of ThailandNgamniyom A.; Sriyapai T.; Sriyapai P.; Panyarachun B.
2012Development of mannosylated liposomes using synthesized N-octadecyl-D-mannopyranosylamine to enhance gastrointestinal permeability for protein deliveryWitoonsaridsilp W.; Paeratakul O.; Panyarachun B.; Sarisuta N.
2021Diversity of gut microbes in freshwater and brackish water ricefish (Oryzias minutillus and O. javanicus) from Southern ThailandNgamniyom A.; Sriyapai T.; Sriyapai P.; Panyarachun B.
2009Early tooth movement with a clear plastic appliance in ratsSombuntham N.P.; Songwattana S.; Atthakorn P.; Jungudomjaroen S.; Panyarachun B.
2012Effect of Vernonia cinerea in improvement of respiratory tissue in chronic nicotine treatmentPromputta C.; Anupunpisit V.; Panyarachun B.; Sawatpanich T.; Watthanachaiyingcharoen R.; Paeratakul O.; Kamkaen N.; Petpiboolthai H.
2012Effects of pharmaceutical mestranol on estrogen receptor β mRNA expression levels and morphometry in the anal fins of adult Thai ricefish (Oryzias minutillus)Ngamniyom A.; Silprasit K.; Panyarachun B.
2012Effects of the herbicide pendimethalin on hormone receptor expressions and dorsal fin biometrics in Thai Medaka, Oryzias Minutillus (Actinopterygii: Beloniformes: Adrianichthyidae)Ngamniyom A.; Panyarachun B.
2011Expression levels of hormone receptor and vitellogenin mRNAs in livers of Thai Medaka, oryzias minutillus, inhabiting the suburbs of Bangkok, ThailandNgamniyom A.; Panyarachun B.
2012Fischoederius cobboldi: A scanning electron microscopy investigation of surface morphology of adult rumen flukeAnuracpreeda P.; Panyarachun B.; Ngamniyom A.; Tinikul Y.; Chotwiwatthanakun C.; Poljaroen J.; Sobhon P.
2010Influence of microenvironment and liposomal formulation on secondary structure and bilayer interaction of lysozymeWitoonsaridsilp W.; Panyarachun B.; Sarisuta N.; Müller-Goymann C.C.
2020Introduction of encysted metacercarial stephanostomum sp. in javanese ricefish (oryzias javanicus) and bacterial diversity of encysts from mangrove swamps of Trang Province, ThailandNgamniyom A.; Sriyapai T.; Sriyapai P.; Panyarachun B.
2018Morphological investigation and analysis of ribosomal DNA phylogeny of two scale-worms (Polychaeta, Polynoidae) from the Gulf of ThailandNgamniyom A.; Koto R.; Wongroj W.; Sriyapai T.; Sriyapai P.; Panyarachun B.
2013Morphology and histology of the adult Paramphistomum gracile Fischoeder, 1901Panyarachun B.; Ngamniyom A.; Sobhon P.; Anuracpreeda P.
2012Morphometry and hormone receptor expressions in Dorsal and Anal fins of thai medaka, oryzias minutillus, between breeding and non-breeding seasonsNgamniyom A.; Panyarachun B.
2010Paramphistomum cervi: Surface topography of the tegument of adult flukePanyarachun B.; Sobhon P.; Tinikul Y.; Chotwiwatthanakun C.; Anupunpisit V.; Anuracpreeda P.
2014Phylogenetic relationships of two earth tiger tarantulas, Haplopelma lividum and H. longipes (Araneae, Theraphosidae), within the infraorder Mygalomorph using 28S ribosomal DNA sequencesNgamniyom A.; Manaboon M.; Panyarachun B.; Showpittapornchai U.
2016Stenostomum cf. leucops (Platyhelminthes) in Thailand: A surface observation using scanning electron microscopy and phylogenetic analysis based on 18S ribosomal DNA sequencesNgamniyom A.; Panyarachun B.
2015Surface topography and ultrastructural architecture of the tegument of adult Carmyerius spatiosus Brandes, 1898Anuracpreeda P.; Phutong S.; Ngamniyom A.; Panyarachun B.; Sobhon P.
2012Thai medaka, Oryzias minutillus Smith, 1945 (beloniformes: Adrianichthyidae): A new host species of Clinostomum complanatum metacercariae (Digenea: Clinostomatidea) and the surface topography by using SEMNgamniyom A.; Manaboon M.; Panyarachun B.