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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Altered distribution of M2 and M4 muscarinic receptor expression in vitiligoChaichalotornkul S.; Udompataikul M.; Showpittapornchai U.; Palungwachira P.; Pradidarcheep W.
2009An oral nutraceutical containing antioxidants, minerals and glycosaminoglycans improves skin roughness and fine wrinklesUdompataikul M.; Sripiroj P.; Palungwachira P.
2013Characterization of vulvar skin of healthy Thai women: Influence of sites, age and menopauseFujimura T.; Sato N.; Ophaswongse S.; Takagi Y.; Hota M.; Kitahara T.; Takema Y.; Palungwachira P.
1998Congenital Localized Multiple Fibromatosis: A Case ReportPalungwachira P.; Shirai M.; Iwahara K.; Ogawa H.
2001Cutaneous findings in HIV-1-positive patients in Thailand [5]Palungwachira P.; Chirachanakul P.; Palungwachira P.; Chalugun P.; Nakao A.; Takamori K.; Ogawa H.
1993Electron microscopy: application and progress in diagnostic methods on skin disease.Palungwachira P.; Palungwachira P.
1999Fixed drug eruption due to atenolol : A case reportPalungwachira P.; Palungwachira P.
2002Immunohistochemical localization of cathepsin L and cystatin a in normal skin and skin tumorsPalungwachira P.; Kakuta M.; Yamazaki M.; Yaguchi H.; Tsuboi R.; Takamori K.; Ogawa H.
2006Incontinentia pigmenti achromians of Ito: An ultrastructural studyPalungwachira P.; Palungwachira P.
2005Localized periorbital edema induced by ibuprofenPalungwachira P.; Palungwachira P.; Ogawa H.
1998Methotrexate Induced Pericarditis and Pericardial Effusion in Psoristic PatientPalungwachira P.; Palungwachira P.; Laohathai P.
2001Nodular cutaneous amyloidosis involving the glan penis: Report of a caseUdompaetaikul M.; Ophaswongse S.; Palungwachira P.
2002The ultrastructural study in a case of Fabry diseasePalungwachira P.; Yaguchi H.
2005Treatment of multiple lesions of Bowen's disease and squamous cell carcinoma with topical imiquimodPalungwachira P.; Palungwachira P.; Ogawa H.