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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Development of mannosylated liposomes using synthesized N-octadecyl-D-mannopyranosylamine to enhance gastrointestinal permeability for protein deliveryWitoonsaridsilp W.; Paeratakul O.; Panyarachun B.; Sarisuta N.
2004Development of pulsatile release tablets with swelling and rupturable layersSungthongjeen S.; Puttipipatkhachorn S.; Paeratakul O.; Dashevsky A.; Bodmeier R.
2016Disperse systemsRungseevijitprapa W.; Siepmann F.; Siepmann J.; Paeratakul O.
2002Disperse systemsIm-Emsap W.; Siepmann J.; Paeratakul O.
2012Effect of Vernonia cinerea in improvement of respiratory tissue in chronic nicotine treatmentPromputta C.; Anupunpisit V.; Panyarachun B.; Sawatpanich T.; Watthanachaiyingcharoen R.; Paeratakul O.; Kamkaen N.; Petpiboolthai H.
2008Formation of inhalable rifampicin-poly(l-lactide) microparticles by supercritical anti-solvent processPatomchaiviwat V.; Paeratakul O.; Kulvanich P.
2015Mechanical and adhesive properties of cellulosic film coats containing polymeric additivesPooponpun S.; Polnok A.; Paeratakul O.; Kraisit P.; Sarisuta N.
1998Modeling plasticizer uptake in aqueous polymer dispersionsSiepmann J.; Paeratakul O.; Bodmeier R.
2006Preparation and in vitro evaluation of a multiple-unit floating drug delivery system based on gas formation techniqueSungthongjeen S.; Paeratakul O.; Limmatvapirat S.; Puttipipatkhachorn S.
2016Process and formulation factors affecting drug release from pellets coated with the ethylcellulose- pseudolatex aquacoatSiepmann J.; Siepmann F.; Paeratakul O.; Bodmeier R.