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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Brachial flow-mediated dilatation response to acute different upper body training postures in lean inactive vs. lean active menMitranun W.; Peepathum P.
2021Comparison of HIIT and HIPT on Oxygen consumptionWanna S.; Mitranun W.
2018Does combining elastic and weight resistance acutely protect against the impairment of flow-mediated dilatation in untrained men?Paditsaeree K.; Mitranun W.
2018Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in South East Asia: An analysis of the histopathology, clinical features, and survival from ThailandIntragumtornchai T.; Bunworasate U.; Wudhikarn K.; Lekhakula A.; Julamanee J.; Chansung K.; Sirijerachai C.; Norasetthada L.; Nawarawong W.; Khuhapinant A.; Siritanaratanakul N.; Numbenjapon T.; Prayongratana K.; Chuncharunee S.; Niparuck P.; Suwanban T.; Kanitsap N.; Wongkhantee S.; Pornvipavee R.; Wong P.; Makruasi N.; Wannakrairot P.; Assanasen T.; Sukpanichnant S.; Boonsakan P.; Kanoksil W.; Ya-in C.; Kayasut K.; Mitranun W.; Warnnissorn N.
2018Supramaximal vs functional high-intensity interval training effects on macrovascular reactivity in young male athletesMitranun W.
2016The acute effects of short and long durations of plank training on endothelial functionMitranun W.
2017The acute effects of the different Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) postures on flow-mediated dilatation in elderly subjectsBoonsit S.; Peepathum P.; Mitranun W.
2015The acute effects on endothelial function in the different abdominal training posturesMitranun W.; Phongsri K.