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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessment of indicator microorganisms and fungi: Health risk in the Saen Saeb canal, ThailandPringsulaka O.; Suwannasai N.; Sunthornthummas S.; Krajangsang S.; Sarawaneeyaruk S.; Lorliam W.; Rangsiruji A.
2019Development of biodegradation process for Poly(DL-lactic acid)degradation by crude enzyme produced by Actinomadura keratinilytica strain T16-1Panyachanakul T.; Sorachart B.; Lumyong S.; Lorliam W.; Kitpreechavanich V.; Krajangsang S.
2019Enhancing plant growth under municipal wastewater irrigation by plant growth promoting rhizospheric Bacillus sppSarawaneeyaruk S.; Lorliam W.; Krajangsang S.; Pringsulaka O.
2020Fourteen novel lipomycetaceous yeast species isolated from soil in Japan and transfer of Dipodascopsis anomala to the genus Babjevia based on ascospore production phenotypeYamazaki A.; Lorliam W.; Kawasaki H.; Uchino M.; Suzuki K.-I.
2013Identification of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts from fermented rice product (Khao-khab)Tanasupawat S.; Phongsopitanun W.; Lorliam W.; Luangsakul N.; Chatanon L.
2020New insight into thermo-solvent tolerant lipase produced by Streptomyces sp. A3301 for re-polymerization of poly (DL-lactic acid)Panyachanakul T.; Lomthong T.; Lorliam W.; Prajanbarn J.; Tokuyama S.; Kitpreechavanich V.; Krajangsang S.
2017Optimization of xylitol production by Candida tropicalis a26Lorliam W.; Akaracharanya A.; Krajangsang S.; Tolieng V.; Tanasupawat S.
2019Supplementation of sugarcane molasses for maximization of ethanol production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae using response surface methodPhomikhet P.; Lorliam W.; Thaniyavarn S.; Tanasupawat S.; Savarajara A.