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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20182-Arylbenzofurans from Artocarpus lakoocha and methyl ether analogs with potent cholinesterase inhibitory activityNamdaung U.; Athipornchai A.; Khammee T.; Kuno M.; Suksamrarn S.
2018Allylxanthone derivatives as xanthine oxidase inhibitors: Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking studyKhammee T.; Jongsu W.; Kuno M.; Suksamrarn S.
2019Anti-xanthine oxidase activity of flavone analogues from dillenia indica L. And in silico studyKhammee T.; Rattanapittayapron A.; Rangjaroen C.; Jaratrungtawee A.; Kuno M.
2020Binding interaction of potent HIV-1 NNRTIs, amino-oxy-diarylquinoline with the transport protein using spectroscopic and molecular dockingPatnin S.; Makarasen A.; Kuno M.; Deeyohe S.; Techasakul S.; Chaivisuthangkura A.
2018Biotransformation of β-Mangostin by an Endophytic Fungus of Garcinia mangostana to Furnish Xanthenes with an Unprecedented Heterocyclic SkeletonArunrattiyakorn P.; Kuno M.; Aree T.; Laphookhieo S.; Sriyatep T.; Kanzaki H.; Garcia Chavez M.A.; Wang Y.A.; Andersen R.J.
2020Dual detection highly selective colorimetric chemosensors for fluoride and copper(II) ions based on imine-phenol derivativeNusuwan P.; Jittangprasert P.; Kuno M.; Pumsa-Ard K.; Tongraung P.
2017Fluorescent Chemosensor for Cu2+ based on Schiff base-naphthalene-2-olAussawaponpaisan P.; Nusuwan P.; Tongraung P.; Jittangprasert P.; Pumsa-Ard K.; Kuno M.
2018Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analysis, in vitro activities, and in silico molecular docking of major components of michelia alba dc essential oil and scented extractsKhammee T.; Jaratrungtawee A.; Kuno M.
2015Interaction evaluation of silver and dithizone complexes using DFT calculations and NMR analysisWasukan N.; Srisung S.; Kuno M.; Kulthong K.; Maniratanachote R.
2011Key interactions of the mutant HIV-1 reverse transcriptase/efavirenz: An evidence obtained from ONIOM methodBoonsri P.; Kuno M.; Hannongbua S.
2019Molecular Docking as a Promising Predictive Model for Silver Nanoparticle-Mediated Inhibition of Cytochrome P450 EnzymesWasukan N.; Kuno M.; Maniratanachote R.
2019Molecular Docking Studies and Synthesis of Amino-oxy-diarylquinoline Derivatives as Potent Non-nucleoside HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase InhibitorsMakarasen A.; Kuno M.; Patnin S.; Reukngam N.; Khlaychan P.; Deeyohe S.; Intachote P.; Saimanee B.; Sengsai S.; Boonsri P.; Chaivisuthangkura A.; Sirithana W.; Techasakul S.; Dr.
2006ONIOM-BSSE scheme for H⋯π system and applications on HIV-1 reverse transcriptaseKuno M.; Hongkrengkai R.; Hannongbua S.
2005Particular interaction between efavirenz and the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase binding site as explained by the ONIOM2 methodNunrium P.; Kuno M.; Saen-Oon S.; Hannongbua S.
2017Photochemistry and mechanism of designed pyrenyl probe towards promoted cleavage of proteinsYenjai S.; Kuno M.; Samosorn S.; Liwporncharoenvong T.; Buranaprapuk A.
2021Raman enhanced scattering and DFT studies on the adsorption behaviour of dithizone on silver nanoparticleSrisung S.; Wasukan N.; Kuno M.; Somsri S.; Tanjedrew N.
2020Selective protein photocleavage by fluorescein derivativesJityuti B.; Kuno M.; Liwporncharoenvong T.; Buranaprapuk A.
2018Specific and structural study of Cu(II), Na(I) and CuNPs on picolinic acid ligandSrisung S.; Wasukan N.; Kuno M.
2022Structural Basis of 2-Phenylamino-4-Phenoxyquinoline Derivatives as Potent HIV-1 Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase InhibitorsMakarasen A.; Patnin S.; Vijitphan P.; Reukngam N.; Khlaychan P.; Kuno M.; Intachote P.; Saimanee B.; Sengsai S.; Techasakul S.
2021Synthesis, structural characterization, computational studies and stability evaluations of metal ions and ZnONPs complexes with dimercaptosuccinic acidKeattanong P.; Wasukan N.; Kuno M.; Srisung S.