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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Accuracy and factors influencing Leopold’s manoeuvres in determining vertex presentation during late third trimester of pregnancyUdompornthanakij P.; Kongsomboon K.; Hanprasertpong T.
2012Antibiotics smart use: A workable model for promoting the rational use of medicines in Thailand [Utilisation intelligente des antibiotiques: Un modèle viable visant à promouvoir l'usage rationnel des médicaments en Thaïlande]Sumpradit N.; Chongtrakul P.; Anuwong K.; Pumtong S.; Kongsomboon K.; Butdeemee P.; Khonglormyati J.; Chomyong S.; Tongyoung P.; Losiriwat S.; Seesuk P.; Suwanwaree P.; Tangcharoensathien V.
2015Correlation of ultrasound estimated placental volume and umbilical cord blood volume in term pregnancyPannopnut P.; Kitporntheranunt M.; Paritakul P.; Kongsomboon K.
2013Cost evaluation of corneal ulcer treatmentKampitak K.; Patrasuwan S.; Kongsomboon K.
2021Efficacy of a 28-compartment pillbox for improving iron supplement compliance in healthy pregnant women: a randomised controlled trialRattanapiratanon A.; Kongsomboon K.; Hanprasertpong T.
2006H5N1 influenza A virus and infected human plasma [7]Chutinimitkul S.; Bhattarakosol P.; Srisuratanon S.; Eiamudomkan A.; Kongsomboon K.; Damrongwatanapokin S.; Chaisingh A.; Suwannakarn K.; Chieochansin T.; Theamboonlers A.; Poovorawan Y.
2013Infant growth rates predict childhood obesity in Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Medical Center, ThailandKongsomboon K.
2017New Dressing Technique using Chitosan Gauze to Decrease Pain and Bleeding in Fingertip Injuries: A randomized trialRungsinaporn V.; Vilai P.; Kasemkijwattana C.; Dilokhuttakarn T.; Kongsomboon K.
2010Psychological problems and overweight in medical students compared to students from faculty of humanities, Srinakharinwirot University, ThailandKongsomboon K.
2021Real-world surgical outcomes of primary angle-closure glaucomaWanichwecharungruang B.; Phumratprapin C.; Kongsomboon K.; Seresirikachorn K.
2011Sleep-disordered breathing and risk factors in ThailandKongsomboon K.; Neruntarat C.
2021Sonographic Lower Uterine Segment Thickness to Predict Cesarean Scar Defect in Term PregnancyPahirah N.; Laosooksathit W.; Kongsomboon K.; Kitporntheranunt M.