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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Anti-angiogenesis by dual action of R5K peptide conjugated itraconazole nanoparticlesChittasupho C.; Kengtrong K.; Chalermnithiwong S.; Sarisuta N.
2020Antifungal Activity and the Chemical and Physical Stability of Microemulsions Containing Citrus hystrix DC Leaf OilPumival P.; Tadtong S.; Athikomkulchai S.; Chittasupho C.
2011Autoimmune therapies targeting costimulation and emerging trends in multivalent therapeuticsChittasupho C.; Siahaan T.J.; Vines C.M.; Berkland C.
2012Biodegradable nanoparticles surface modification techniques with cIBR peptide targeting to LFA-1 expressing leukemic cellsPhongpradist R.; Chittasupho C.; Intasai N.; Siahaan T.J.; Berkland C.J.; Charoenkwan P.; Anuchapreeda S.; Ampasavate C.
2021Biopolymer hydrogel scaffolds containing doxorubicin as a localized drug delivery system for inhibiting lung cancer cell proliferationChittasupho C.; Angklomklew J.; Thongnopkoon T.; Senavongse W.; Jantrawut P.; Ruksiriwanich W.
2021Chemical composition of essential oil from piper sarmentosum fruit and neuroprotective activityAthikomkulchai S.; Loyfar P.; Jira-Arnon R.; Tadtong S.; Sareedenchai V.; Phattanaphakdee W.; Ruangrungsi N.; Chittasupho C.
2018Curcumin composite particles prepared by spray drying and in vitro anti-cancer activity on lung cancer cell lineThongnopkoon T.; Chittasupho C.
2017CXCR4 targeted dendrimer for anti-cancer drug delivery and breast cancer cell migration inhibitionChittasupho C.; Anuchapreeda S.; Sarisuta N.
2017CXCR4-targeted nanoparticles reduce cell viability, induce apoptosis and inhibit SDF-1α induced BT-549-Luc cell migration in vitroChittasupho C.; Kewsuwan P.; Murakami T.
2018Doxorubicin-loaded micelle targeting MUC1: A potential therapeutic for MUC1 triple negative breast cancer treatmentKhondee S.; Chittasupho C.; Tima S.; Anuchapreeda S.
2022Effects of quercetin and curcumin combination on antibacterial, antioxidant, in vitro wound healing and migration of human dermal fibroblast cellsChittasupho C.; Manthaisong A.; Okonogi S.; Tadtong S.; Samee W.
2021Formulation, physical and chemical stability of ocimum gratissimum l. Leaf oil nanoemulsionOntao N.; Athikomkulchai S.; Tadtong S.; Leesawat P.; Chittasupho C.
2014Hyaluronic acid graft polymers displaying peptide antigen modulate dendritic cell response in vitroChittasupho C.; Sestak J.; Shannon L.; Siahaan T.J.; Vines C.M.; Berkland C.
2021Moringa oleifera seed oil formulation physical stability and chemical constituents for enhancing skin hydration and antioxidant activityAthikomkulchai S.; Tunit P.; Tadtong S.; Jantrawut P.; Sommano S.R.; Chittasupho C.
2012Multivalent ligand: Design principle for targeted therapeutic delivery approachChittasupho C.
2018Nanoparticles of Combretum quadrangulare leaf extract induce cytotoxicity, apoptosis, cell cycle arrest and anti-migration in lung cancer cellsChittasupho C.; Athikomkulchai S.
2013Pectin nanoparticle enhances cytotoxicity of methotrexate against hepG2 cellsChittasupho C.; Jaturanpinyo M.; Mangmool S.
2020Physical, chemical, and microbiological stability of mucuna pruriens effervescent powders and suspensionChittasupho C.; Tadtong S.; Vorarat S.; Kamkaen N.
2022Phytochemical Analysis, Antioxidant, and Wound Healing Activity of Pluchea indica L. (Less) Branch Extract NanoparticlesChiangnoon R.; Samee W.; Uttayarat P.; Jittachai W.; Ruksiriwanich W.; Sommano S.R.; Athikomkulchai S.; Chittasupho C.
2010Productivity and quality of volatile oil extracted from Mentha spicata and M. arvensis var. piperascens grown by a hydroponic system using the deep flow techniqueVimolmangkang S.; Sitthithaworn W.; Vannavanich D.; Keattikunpairoj S.; Chittasupho C.