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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Accurate pupil extraction algorithm by using integrated methodCharoenpong T.; Pattrapisetwong P.; Chanwimalueang T.; Mahasithiwat V.
2021Acquiring unobtrusive sleep-related signals through an ESP32-based data loggerSrisuchinwong D.; Sukhachewanon B.; Chanwimalueang T.
2013An accurate forearm EMG signal classification method using two-channel electrodeSueaseenak D.; Chanwimalueang T.; Pintavirooj C.; Sangworasil M.
2021An ArduinoBLE based digital holter for Thai ambulatory and personal healthcareThongklang A.; Thongnawakun P.; Chanwimalueang T.; Rattanajaruskul N.; Sueaseenak D.
2009An eigen based feature on time-frequency representation of EMGSueaseenak D.; Praliwanon C.; Sangworasil M.; Chanwimalueang T.; Pintavirooj C.
2013Application of Inertial Measurement Units for angular motion detectionJaysrichai T.; Suputtitada A.; Khovidhungij W.; Chanwimalueang T.
2008Comparison study of muscular-contraction classification between independent component analysis and artificial neural networkSueaseenak D.; Wibirama S.; Chanwimalueang T.; Pintavirooj C.; Sangworasil M.
2012Directional eye movement detection system for virtual keyboard controllerTangsuksant W.; Aekmunkhongpaisal C.; Cambua P.; Charoenpong T.; Chanwimalueang T.
2021Fault diagnosis of bearing vibration signals based on a reconstruction algorithm with multiple side information and ceemdan methodWu B.; Gao Y.; Ma N.; Chanwimalueang T.; Yuan X.; Liu J.
2007Independent component analysis: An application for muscular contraction classificationDaochai S.; Sueaseenak D.; Chanwimalueang T.; Laoopugsin N.; Pintavirooj C.
2012Pupil extraction system for Nystagmus diagnosis by using K-mean clustering and Mahalanobis distance techniqueCharoenpong T.; Thewsuwan S.; Chanwimalueang T.; Mahasithiwat V.
2021Reinforced Learning in Children through a Stress Warning UnitChaowadee N.; Lertsiriyothin P.; Phuangkhemkhao T.; Chanwimalueang T.
2008Robotic arm controller using muscular contraction classification based on independent component analysisChanwimalueang T.; Sueaseenak D.; Laoopugsin N.; Pintavirooj C.
2018Sparse optimistic based on lasso-lsqr and minimum entropy de-convolution with FARIMA for the remaining useful life prediction of machinerysWu B.; Gao Y.; Feng S.; Chanwimalueang T.
2019The ClassA framework: HRV based assessment of SNS and PNS dynamics without LF-HF controversiesAdjei T.; Von Rosenberg W.; Nakamura T.; Chanwimalueang T.; Mandic D.P.
2021The design of cognitive training games for the thai elderlyTantisatirapong S.; Puttapirat P.; Senavongse W.; Chanwimalueang T.