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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Ameliorative effects of curcumin on microvascular complication streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat penisKhimmaktong W.; Komolkriengkrai M.; Boonyoung P.; Anupunpisit V.
2019Effect of curcumin on liver fibrosis formation in rats with chronic inflammation following diabeticsPramong R.; Satin K.; Yang-En S.; Petpiboolthai H.; Anupunpisit V.
2010Effect of curcumin on vascular endothelial growth factor expression in diabetic mice kidney induced by streptozotocinSawatpanich T.; Petpiboolthai H.; Punyarachun B.; Anupunpisit V.
2012Effect of Vernonia cinerea in improvement of respiratory tissue in chronic nicotine treatmentPromputta C.; Anupunpisit V.; Panyarachun B.; Sawatpanich T.; Watthanachaiyingcharoen R.; Paeratakul O.; Kamkaen N.; Petpiboolthai H.
2014Effects of curcumin on restoration and improvement of microvasculature characteristic in diabetic rat’s choroid of eyeKhimmaktong W.; Petpiboolthai H.; Sriya P.; Anupunpisit V.
2019Effects of curcumin on testis microvascular complication in streptozotocin-induced diabetes ratsKhimmaktong W.; Komolkriengkrai M.; Boonyoung P.; Anupunpisit V.
2002Effects of ozone treatment on cell growth and ultrastructural changes in bacteriaThanomsub B.; Anupunpisit V.; Chanphetch S.; Watcharachaipong T.; Poonkhum R.; Srisukonth C.
2003Origins and pathways of fluid entering sublobular lymphatic vessels in cat liversPoonkhum R.; Pisetpaisan K.; Wang B.-J.; Anupunpisit V.; Ohtani Y.; Ohtani O.
2010Paramphistomum cervi: Surface topography of the tegument of adult flukePanyarachun B.; Sobhon P.; Tinikul Y.; Chotwiwatthanakun C.; Anupunpisit V.; Anuracpreeda P.
2017Restoration of lung microvasculature in diabetic condition after curcumin supplementationAnupunpisit V.; Petpiboolthai H.; Khanpetch P.; Pramong R.
2003Scanning electrochemical microscopy of model neurons: Imaging and real-time detection of morphological changesLiebetrau J.M.; Miller H.M.; Baur J.E.; Takacs S.A.; Anupunpisit V.; Garris P.A.; Wipf D.O.