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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015On the thermal performance of the vapor chamber with micro-channel for unmixed air flow coolingNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.
2014Pool boiling heat transfer characteristics of refrigerant-nanoparticle mixturesNaphon P.; Thongjing C.
2018Pulsating flow and magnetic field effects on the convective heat transfer of TiO2-water nanofluids in helically corrugated tubeNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.
2017Pulsating TiO2/water nanofluids flow and heat transfer in the spirally coiled tubes with different magnetic field directionsNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.
2006Second law analysis on the heat transfer of the horizontal concentric tube heat exchangerNaphon P.
2019Sensible air cool-warm fan with thermoelectric module systems developmentWiriyasart S.; Naphon P.; Hommalee C.
2006Single-phase heat transfer and pressure drop in the micro-fin tubes with coiled wire insertNaphon P.; Sriromruln P.
2011Study on the exergy loss of the horizontal concentric micro-fin tube heat exchangerNaphon P.
2011Study on the heat transfer and flow characteristics in a spiral-coil tubeNaphon P.
2005Study on the heat transfer characteristics of an evaporative cooling towerNaphon P.
2006Study on the heat transfer characteristics of the annular fin under dry-surface, partially wet-surface, and fully wet-surface conditionsNaphon P.
2021Study on the thermal dissipation performance of GPU cooling system with nanofluid as coolantSiricharoenpanich A.; Wiriyasart S.; Naphon P.
2015Study on the thermal efficiency and temperature distribution of Dan Kwien Kiln in ThailandJongpluempiti J.; Naphon P.; Vengnungnle P.
2012Study on the vapor chamber with refrigerant R-141b as working fluid for HDD coolingNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.
2021Study on Thermal Efficiency of Salt Incubator with Waste Heat Recovery in the Rock Salt Boiling ProcessSrichat A.; Vengsungnle P.; Bootwong A.; Poojeera S.; Naphon P.
2018Study on thermal performance of cold plate unit with micro-channel for supercomputer coolingWiriyasart S.; Naphon P.
2021Thermal cooling characteristics of Li-ion battery pack with thermoelectric ferrofluid cooling moduleSirikasemsuk S.; Wiriyasart S.; Naphon P.; Naphon N.
2019Thermal cooling enhancement of dual processors computer with thermoelectric air cooler moduleWiriyasart S.; Hommalee C.; Naphon P.
2015Thermal cooling enhancement techniques for electronic componentsNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.; Wongwises S.
2020Thermal cooling system with Ag/Fe3O4nanofluids mixture as coolant for electronic devices coolingSiricharoenpanich A.; Wiriyasart S.; Srichat A.; Naphon P.