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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018National survey: Evaluation of cardiovascular risk factors in Thai patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease after the development of cardiovascular diseaseChangsirikulchai S.; Sangthawan P.; Janma J.; Sripaiboonkij N.; Rattanamongkolgul S.; Thinkhamrop B.
2002Platelet-derived growth factor-D expression in developing and mature human kidneysChangsirikulchai S.; Hudkins K.L.; Goodpaster T.A.; Volpone J.; Topouzis S.; Gilbertson D.G.; Alpers C.E.
2009Pulmonary hemorrhage with acute renal injury in a patient with IgA nephropathy.Kreepala C.; Changsirikulchai S.; Chalermsanyakorn P.
2000Renal osteodystrophy in Ramathibodi Hospital : Histomorphometry and clinical correlationChangsirikulchai S.; Sirikulchayanonta V.; Kunkitti N.; Radienahamed P.; Domrongkitchaiporn S.; Ongphiphadhanakul B.; Stitchantrakul W.
2009Renal thrombotic microangiopathy after hematopoietic cell transplant: Role of GVHD in pathogenesisChangsirikulchai S.; Myerson D.; Guthrie K.A.; McDonald G.B.; Alpers C.E.; Hingorani S.R.
2012Safety and immunogenicity of a 2009 influenza A (H1N1) vaccine in hemodialysis patientsLertdumrongluk P.; Changsirikulchai S.; Limkunakul C.; Prachukthum P.; Punpiput P.; Buppanharun R.; Chotpitayasunondh C.
2006Sirolimus Attenuates the Rate of Progression of Early Chronic Allograft NephropathySumethkul V.; Changsirikulchai S.; Lothuvachai T.; Chalermsanyakorn P.
2018Survival analysis and associated factors in thai patients on peritoneal dialysis under the PD-First policyChangsirikulchai S.; Sriprach S.; Thokanit N.S.; Janma J.; Chuengsaman P.; Sirivongs D.
2017The impact of the quality of care and other factors on progression of chronic kidney disease in Thai patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A nationwide cohort studySonthon P.; Promthet S.; Changsirikulchai S.; Rangsin R.; Thinkhamrop B.; Rattanamongkolgul S.; Hurst C.P.
2011The technique and outcome of peritoneal dialysis catheter revision.Songtish D.; Akranurakkul P.; Changsirikulchai S.
2008Treatment of lupus nephritis and primary glomerulonephritis with enteric-coated mycophenolate sodiumKitiyakara C.; Ophascharoensuk V.; Changsirikulchai S.; Ingsathit A.; Tankee P.; Sangpanich A.; Sumethkul V.